Why Remar's employees now have much more time.

Read the article to find out how our customer Remar benefits from unified systems and saves a lot of time.

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21. March 2024

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They cost time, increase the error rate and cause chaos: isolated solutions. Nevertheless, many companies still use them. Swiss organization Remar asked us for a solution to combine two parallel systems. Did it work? Read for yourself.

Duplicate work and many errors due to isolated solutions

A stand-alone solution is a system that only works on its own. It cannot be connected to other solutions in any way. This means

  • They work twice, because as soon as relevant information is available, it has to be entered into the systems individually.
  • You run the risk of making manual errors. It's easy to transpose a number or lose information in the hectic workday. A lack of overview is inevitable.

Combining digital requests with BC via the Power Platform

The Swiss organization Remar helps people who are not supported by society. It gives them a future and hope. To make this possible, Remar finances itself through services that include removals, cleaning, collection and transportation. Interested parties request these via the website - and this is where the challenge begins: Paulo Oliveira, CEO of Remar Switzerland, recalls: ""There was a lot of manual work needed for the coordination of these services. I wanted to ease the workload of our employees, and not have them tied up with so many phone calls."

The solution was found in Power Automate, a tool from the low-code solution Microsoft Power Platform.

Icons of the Power Platform components

Low-code solution Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform is a collection of different business applications. One of these is the Power Automate tool, which can be used to automate and optimize business processes. In the case of Remar, this meant creating an interface that combines the request via Bookings with Business Central. This reduces the effort and time required and reliably avoids incorrect information at various points.

Three particularly common areas of application for integrated software solutions

ERP industry solution ProBatch

Our ERP industry solution YAVEON ProBatch extends the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with options specifically for the life sciences - fully integrated. Work is carried out practically and clearly on one interface.

Document management system

Our DMS solution can be fully integrated into Business Central via our specially developed interface. The result is obvious: a uniform database, always up-to-date and maximum overview at the click of a mouse. Of course, you can also combine your DMS with other solutions such as Outlook, SharePoint and Teams.

Business Intelligence Power BI

The Microsoft Power BI business intelligence solution also integrates seamlessly into your IT landscape. If required, you can combine the system with Business Central, CRM or Microsoft 365 to obtain analysis results based on a complete database.

Do you want to say goodbye to isolated solutions and work centrally on one interface? Get in touch with us!

Conclusion: Employees gain time

And Paulo Oliveira? The CEO is delighted that the interface via Power Automate is in use. Since go-live, everyday life looks like this: If a prospective customer registers via Bookings on the website, the Power Automate workflow receives information and reacts. The data entered is now automatically transferred to Business Central.

His conclusion is clear: "Since we have been using the interface, our employees have a lot more time. I would definitely choose the solution and YAVEON again."

Want to know more about the project with Remar? Click here for the entire report.

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